5 Fashion Faux to Definitely Avoid!!

1. Ill Fitted Clothes


It is important to know your style and your size, ill fitted clothes are quite unflattering. You don't want the ugly bulges and  really squeezed look, it's good to wear what looks good on you and feel comfortable in them, also know what suits your body shape.

2. Running After Trends


It is very tempting to run after the latest trends, but fashion trends rises and falls rather very quickly, it is best to stay stylish and fashionable rather than running after present trends, what trends tomorrow might really not trend next month, the present trend might also not just be suitable for your style. Find out what suits you, shop to look great, opt for staples, timeless and classics that will keep your wardrobe looking fresh.


3. Avoid Revealing Too Much Skin


While it's okay to show a little skin, wearing overly revealing clothes and showing too much skin can make be tacky and tasteless, you want to exude style and confidence with your look. When planning what to wear, be strategic, don't wear a deep plunge neckline and a super skinny mini at the same time.  Cutouts, low necklines, backless gowns, and even thigh-high slits can be very stylish when worn strategically but pick one and stay with one strategy at time.


4. Over Accessorizing 


Adding a statement piece is a great way to complete your look,  that one statement look draws the eyes of the onlooker to your style, however combining too many statement pieces can clash rather than complement. Statement pieces are bold and colorful and at times chunky, pick the right statement piece to stand out. You can also add other  pieces to your accessories i.e earrings , bracelets , necklaces as long as they are understated and do not clash.

Chanel advises that you “always take off one accessory before you leave the house.” Let your statement piece shine on its own.


5. Heels You Can't Walk In

Avoid the wobble, choose heels that are comfortable for you to walk in. Wearing heels definitely add poise and style to your over all look, but make sure you choose for comfort as well as for style.