Interview Dressing Tips For Women

What to Wear To An Interview

...and what not to wear!!

It's always great to news when you have been invited to a job interview, of course, we know your mind would be all focused on acing that interview and standing out from all the other candidates, so we have put together a few tips on how to dress to an interview.

There are many options to choose from, and you can wear a suit, a dress, a blouse on a skirt or on a pair of pants. The most important point is to leave a lasting impression on your interviews- of course in a good way!


1.A blouse with a bow! Always a smart look, the bow adds style and professionalism to the whole look and it's a perfect interview attire choice.

2. Blazers are an excellent choice, we advise muted colors like Navy Blue, Black or Grey.

3. A black dress is an excellent choice, "a tasteful little black dress" is not a cliche, every girl should have one in her closet. Combine your dress with a pair of black tights if you like and create a powerful look for your interview.


We can't end this write up with some things not to ever wear to an interview. Some examples below

- Flip Flop

- Jeans

-Distressed or low rise pants

-Blouses and dresses that are too low cut

-Body jewelry, such as nose or lip rings

-Pair of shorts

- Sneakers

- Visible undergarment.