Women Who Inspire Style

Women Who Inspire Style

Rima Cherfane - a lifestyle label made for today's modern woman. She was born in Lebanon, and she works on her unique design label  in her loft  workshop called "The Couture Republic"

This lovely design piece in the picture above by Rima Cherfane is modeled by the lovely @realfashionista. We love @realfashionist,  she is totally passionate about style and elegance and she pulls this off easily with a certain panache.

What's not to love about a combination of style brought to life by these two passionate women. They represent the heart of every modern woman who loves style, elegance, and class.

@realfashionista recently won the Style Influencer at the World Blogger Awards, and she has been seen featured in British Vogue and The Vanity Fair.

Rima was quoted as having said,  "These women inspire me a lot-  most people have untarnished perfect lives to show on social media, and then someone comes along who tells it like it is while embracing herself with fashion, perfectionism, and glamour."

From our hearts to yours at Vanilla Vogue; we absolutely love and are inspired by women who shine through their passion for the things that they do.

Thank you, Rima and @realfashionist for continuing to inspire style and elegance in the modern woman!

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