5 Style Tips On Dressing Classy

5 Style Tips On Dressing Classy

Top tips to look classy and elegant!

It could be a dinner, a wedding or just a date, it could be that you just want a lifestyle change, and you want to add a touch of sophistication and class to your everyday look. Whatever the case may be, we have put together some styling tips to help you start out on your classy journey.

Looking classy and elegant doesn't necessarily equal expensive, you don't have to spend so much, you just have to pay attention to details. Some tips and ideas below-

1. Never over-expose

2. Don't go overboard with the accessories

3. Don't forget to style your hair.

4. Don't forget your manicure, and if you are wearing toe revealing shoes then a pedicure is a must.

5 No hairy bits, don't forget to shave

6. If you are unsure try neutral colors to start with i.e white/beige/cream, navy blue, black, and gray

7. ... and of course a lovely stylish attire, well-tailored and form-fitted. 

Some Outfit Ideas Below-







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